From which countries do people arrive as a result of workforce rental?

Hodes offers employee leasing services in the fields of metalwork, assembly and professional work and warehousing and logistics. The workers mostly originate from Latvia and Ukraine, but some are also from Estonia.

The main fears of hiring someone from another nationality

What are the skills of foreign workers?

Hodes guarantees that the education and work experience of the rental workforce meet the needs of the specific field and position for which the employee is being sought. Hodes employees test all candidates with tests, interviews and practical work performance to make sure of the skill level and readiness of the mediated workforce to work abroad. The decision on the selection of employees is made by the Hodes employee, specifically considering the needs of your company and the skills of the employee.

What are the benefits of workforce rental for my company?

Workforce rental allows your company to grow and develop, to focus on finding new customers and to be more competitive in order to flexibly cope with the increase in retail orders. workforce rental mitigates the risks of your company's workforce and allows you to keep employees in the company as needed - when production increases, the number of employees can be increased conveniently and quickly, and during quieter periods, reduced as needed.

Benefits of workforce rental from Hodes:

  • Finding experienced employees fast – workforcing enables you to find experienced workers fast – in just 2 – 4 weeks, depending on the location and volume of your production process;
  • Improved competitiveness – workforcing enables your company the flexibly to deal with an increase in production volume or special orders;
  • Increased profits – by using leased staff services, your company can do more by being faster and more efficient. You can concentrate more on finding new clients rather than on finding new employees;
  • You keep labor costs optimal - workforce rental allows you to find experienced employees for the company without permanent labor relations and the hassle of recruitment.
  • Faster growth and development for your company – using leased staff enables you to fulfil staff positions when you lack assembly and skilled workers – this helps your company grow.

Hodes helps in finding a suitable workforce!

Is your company's production volume increasing? You lack the workers you need for the development of the company?
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