Workforce for shipbuilding

Leased workers for shipbuilding

Hodes offers shipbuilding companies professional shipbuilders, mostly from Estonia, Latvia and Ukraine. We can offer qualified specialists with long-term experience for shipbuilding. We can hire welders, interior fitters, ventilation installers, electricians, plumbers and other skilled workers for both short and long-term jobs. International labor hire of qualified specialists increases your company's turnover and competitive advantage in a situation where there is a shortage of domestic workers. Hodes labor hire is fast and convenient, because we find the necessary employees for your company within 2-4 weeks and we are responsible for the employees' documents, residence and adaptation.

Professional shipbuilding specialists

All employees mediated by Hodes have professional experience and skills and have a minimum of 3 years of work experience in this field. All employees have undergone a thorough job interview and their skills have been tested.

Most of the shipbuilders have already worked for Hodes and have cooperated with us on larger and smaller projects across Europe.

Employees have:

  • Field-based work experience
  • Practical skills in MMA welding, MIG welding, MAG welding, TIG welding, electrode welding
  • Certificates for the corresponding job position
  • Motivation to work
"Hodes is a workforce company that offers a comprehensive qualified workforce solution for your enterprise. Our service for sourcing qualified employees for your company is quick, flexible and convenient."
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