LEASED WOrkers for assembly and skilled work

Hodes offers the leasing of assembly and skilled workers for production companies, mainly from Latvia and Ukraine. You can add additional staff when your work volumes increase, during periods where you need to fulfil large orders or to avoid risks on a project. Using our international leasing service of qualified specialists increases the turnover and competitiveness of your company in situations where there are insufficient local workers available. Hodes’ rent-an-employee service is quick and convenient. We source the workers your company requires in 2-4 weeks and will manage their documentation, accommodation and the adaption process.  

THE MAIN Fields of expertise of our asssembly and skilled workers:

  • electronics industry;
  • food industry;
  • timber industry;
  • construction and finishing works;
  • construction of modular houses;
  • machining industry;
  • chemical industry.

Experienced assembly and skilled workers

Our comprehensive selection and evaluation process is conducted by our recruiters with assembly and skilled work experience. All the employees leased by Hodes have the necessary skills and personal characteristics for the job. All employees have completed a comprehensive job interview and an aptitude test for their skills.


  • field-specific work experience required for the position;
  • readiness to start working in ca 2-4 weeks;
  • social skills;
  • high motivation;
  • good stress and routine management skills;
  • readiness to work long or short term, according to the needs of your company.
Hodes is a workforce company that offers a comprehensive qualified workforce solution for your enterprise. Our service for sourcing qualified employees for your company is quick, flexible and convenient.
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