About us

We are specialized in providing Cruise ship installations and repair services in various ways. Our
offices are located in the heart of Estonia and Finland. We are your reliable partner in workforce.

The most succesful company

Our dedication and courage towards hard work has set our goals to be the most succesful company in the world one day. We provide the highest quality and value by carefully selecting every worker that get chosen to be sent on site for our clients.
Our clientele consist of shipyard, Offshore vessel, Cruise, passenger-vessel, hotel, Casino, factory and power plant owners around the world.
Over the years we have been able to manage every relation between our company and customers with respect and solidarity by holding the highest possible standards in the Industry. Moral and ethical code is in high pride for our competent team of directors, project managers and labourers that work strongly shoulder by shoulder as an A-team, who takes a complete responsebility for every action. By building and delivering turnkey systems for ships Hodes always meet the customer expectations.

We operate globally

We operate globally anywhere the Cruise and passenger ships are being built or refurbished. Our most recent interesting projects have been Carried out in North America, China, Germany and Norway.
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+372 55 902 680
Tallinn, Tatari 56b, 10134
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